1st Carrier Strike Group

Operation: Iron Shield
Tasking: Provide security and escort services for trade convoys and resource transport ships within the Stanton system. Monitor and respond to criminal activity and pirate threats to ensure the safety of the local economy and civilians.

2nd Carrier Strike Group

Operation: Wildfire Retribution 
Tasking: Conduct offensive operations against pirate factions and other hostile entities operating within the Stanton system. Ensure the protection of valuable trade routes and promote secure commerce.

3rd Carrier Strike Group

Operation: Nightshade Infiltration
Tasking: Conduct reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering missions to track and neutralize criminal and outlaw organizations within the Stanton system. Support local security forces in maintaining law and order.

4th Carrier Strike Group

Operation: Frost Sentinel 
Tasking: Develop and execute strategic defense plans for the Stanton system, focusing on safeguarding critical infrastructure and protecting against potential external threats, including Vanduul incursions.

5th Carrier Strike Group

Operation: Solar Diplomacy
Tasking: Ensure the security of resource extraction operations and mining colonies within the Stanton system. Protect vital resource assets and support the region’s economic growth.

1st Carrier Support Group

Tasking: Provide comprehensive logistical, repair, and resupply support to the entire Carrier Strike Group. This includes maintaining the carrier’s systems, conducting repairs on fleet vessels, managing and replenishing ammunition and supplies, and ensuring the overall operational readiness of the fleet. Additionally, coordinate and support training exercises and drills for fleet personnel to enhance their operational efficiency and readiness.

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