Divisions – Star Citizen


Citadel Defense Services (CDS) offers a diverse range of specialized divisions and groups, each playing a crucial role in advancing our organization’s long-term vision and goals. Whether you’re driven to join the frontlines, defending our interests, or dedicated to bolstering our economic prowess and infrastructure, CDS ensures there’s a place for every individual. Together, we forge a united force, creating opportunities for growth, camaraderie, and success. Join CDS and be part of something extraordinary.

Sentinel Core

The Sentinel Core serves as the indomitable stronghold of Citadel Defense Services, encompassing every member and career path. Regarded as the unwavering shield that safeguards our organization, it unites key members and harmonizes specialized groups, fortifying our collective strength across all divisions.


The Command and Diplomacy Division, an unwavering force operating behind the scenes, strives to expand horizons, safeguard interests, and guide the entire CDS towards a prosperous future.

Shadowguard Corps

Shadowguard Corps is the elite defensive division of CDS, entrusted with the vital mission of safeguarding CDS and its allied assets throughout the vast expanse of the Persistent Universe. With unwavering dedication, Shadowguard Corps ensures the continuous operation and protection of our resources, fortifying our presence against any threat that may arise.

Vanguard Enterprises

Vanguard Enterprises is a division dedicated to driving economic growth, fostering trade, and creating prosperity within the ranks of Citadel Defense Services and its citizens. Whether you are a skilled miner or an aspiring industry tycoon, our division welcomes individuals who are eager to contribute to expanding our core assets and roles. Join Vanguard Enterprises and play a vital role in shaping the future of our organization’s economic success. Together, we will forge a path to greatness in the world of commerce and trade.


MediSec are the ones who put you first and make sure CDS and its Allies get back home when things take a turn for the worst.

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