Divisions – Eve


Welcome to the EVE Online Division of Citadel Defense Services (CDS). Our division is a dynamic blend of specialized groups, each instrumental in propelling our organization towards its strategic objectives. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of combat, eager to strengthen our logistical backbone, or fascinated by exploration and intelligence operations, the EVE Division of CDS offers a unique path that aligns with your aspirations. By uniting under a common banner, we harness the power of diversity, cultivating an environment ripe for growth, unity, and triumph. Join us in the EVE Online universe and contribute to a remarkable journey with the CDS family.

Logistics and Trade

The Logistics and Trade Division embodies the lifeblood of our organization. If navigating complex market systems and orchestrating the movement of resources appeals to you, this division is your berth. Join us in shaping the economic backbone of our operations as we facilitate the flow of goods across the cosmos.

Combat and Security

For those who live by the edge of their trigger finger and thrive in the heat of battle, the Combat and Security Division stands vigilant. Here, warriors of the stars find their purpose, protecting our interests and ensuring our safety in the unforgiving expanse. Arm up and stand united against all threats.

Industry and Engineering

Our Industry and Engineering Division is where innovation meets determination. As the architects of our future, we shape the stars through crafting and innovation. If you’re drawn to the hum of machinery and the satisfaction of building, this division offers a canvas limited only by your imagination.


The cosmos beckons, and the Exploration Division answers the call. Chart the uncharted, traverse the unknown, and uncover the secrets of the universe. With your ship as your vessel, embark on journeys that push the boundaries of discovery. Your intrepid spirit will pave the way for knowledge that will enrich us all.


In the shadows, whispers hold the key to power. The Intelligence Division thrives in the art of information gathering. Employ your analytical prowess and cunning to unearth secrets, decipher codes, and anticipate the movements of friend and foe alike. Your work is the bedrock upon which our strategic decisions are built.

Diplomacy and Alliances

Diplomats, negotiators, and the architects of unity find their haven in the Diplomacy and Alliances Division. Forge bonds with other organizations and bridge gaps in the galactic landscape. Your ability to cultivate alliances and maintain harmony is the foundation of our cooperative strength.

Special Operations

The shadows are your domain in the Special Operations Division. Stealth, precision, and cunning are your tools as you navigate covert missions. Infiltrate and strike from the unseen, uncovering secrets and executing delicate assignments that shape the fate of our endeavors.

Fleet Command

At the heart of our organization, the Fleet Command Division stands as a beacon of leadership. If commanding fleets and orchestrating grand strategies resonate with you, this division is your calling. Lead our combined forces to glory and ensure our unity remains unbreakable.

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