Star Citizen

In the ever-expanding universe of Star Citizen, Citadel Defense Services is poised to make its mark. As pioneers and adventurers, we seek brave pilots to join our ranks and partake in thrilling space missions, combat encounters, exploration ventures, and resource gathering expeditions. Together, we will shape the future of this vast universe.

Eve Online

In the vast expanse of EVE Online, Citadel Defense Services emerges as a rising force. Our goal is to forge alliances, engage in strategic warfare, conquer territories, and establish ourselves as a prominent entity within this complex universe. As a member of CDS, you will have the opportunity to shape the destiny of our organization and leave your mark on the stars.

Coming Soon


Just as the stars above beckon us to explore the unknown, our Corporate Directorates offer unique avenues for members to make their mark. Each directorate serves a specific function, contributing to the greater good of CDS. Discover where your skills and passion align

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