CDS Accords

CDS Accords

All hostilities between Board Members, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Division Commander, Division Officers and Member shall cease immediately neither party will not say anything offensive, cruel, or rude to each other in discord, TeamSpeak or in game.  Either side will not mention the past or bring up old wounds.


The purpose of this document is to outline what is the expected conduct of all members, regardless of rank, of Citadel Defense Services, procedures on interacting with each community, and how to deal with disagreements and grievances.  This is a baseline document that will be modified as situations occur that warrant an update, and as relations become better over time.  All new and current members will be requested to review this document.  Understanding what is set out in this document will promote a better experience between our two communities.


  1. Conduct  Zero Tolerance Policy
  • I.  These Accords will have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY when dealing with abusive and discriminatory acts, words, or deeds that are committed either directly or indirectly (Public Channels) against either community. This includes, but not limited to:
  • 1. Sex/Gender, Race, Religion, Nationality, Sexual Identity, Creed, Political Ideology
  • 2. “Real life” threats and/or bullying in a mental, emotional, or physical manner.
  • 3. Additional forms of discrimination and abuse as they are determined, discovered, or experienced.


  1. Division Relations


  1. To better strengthen our bond, the following shall be enforced by both sides No Undermining each other’s divisions, to include:
  2. Creation of proxy Guilds/Clans/etc for the sole purpose of harassing the Division, Guild, or Member
  3. Placement of members undeclared for the purpose of undermining peace and good order

III. Attempts in hostile changing/take over either side’s leadership

  1. Removal of members of Division not your own without expressed consent from the Leadership of that division
  2. Messages in public areas claiming wrong doings of other Divisions
  3. Attempts to recruit each other’s members from the other Divisions.
  4. Exception – If a member from either side chooses to join the other, both leaders are to be aware of the member’s request and consent to the transfer.
  5. As our relationship progresses over time, so will the needs and requirements of the document.
  6. It will be required to review this document every six months, or otherwise warranted.
  7. Proposed changes will be written in a document to be shared by either leadership.  Upon a final draft being presented, it will be voted on by both communities’ leadership.
  8. Changes to these accords shall be sent out to both community’s membership within 24 hours of passage


Above all else – HAVE FUN.  The goal of these accords is to improve relations between out groups and work towards a stronger bond dedicated to the enjoyment of the games we play.


CDS Accords: Guidelines on Enforcement of CoC

 Purpose:  To outline basic disciplinary procedures regarding violations of the Rules of Conduct and Grievances against the Chain of Command.

NOTE:  The term RANKING OFFICER is referring to any rank listed in a CDS Community’s leadership on Discord


  1. Disciplinary Actions and Grievances
    1. Handling of Violations and Reports
      1. All Citadel Defense Services Community Ranking Officers are required to practice discretion in all disciplinary action.  Names of victims, offenders, or anyone else involved in disciplinary actions is not to be made public. Specific details of disciplinary actions are not to be discussed outside of CDS leadership.
      2. Anytime disciplinary action is taken, all involved officers are responsible for the collection, storage, and presentation of all relevant evidence.  A summary of the incident, actions taken, verdict and punitive measures taken (if any) shall be sent to the Board and Joint Chiefs of Staff in the form of a word document.
      3. When a ranking officer is witnessed to a violation of the Rules of Conduct, they are responsible to intervene in the situation.  When possible minor altercations between players can often be de-escalated and resolved before the situation is beyond control.
      4. Although every person in a leadership role within the Citadel Defense Services Community is expected to enforce the Rules of Conduct, the responsibility of enforcing disciplinary actions within individual CDS Division is at the discretion of that Division’s chain of command.
        1. Exceptions are extreme violations of the Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerations Policy violations


  1. Judicial Process
    1. The victim shall attempt to settle the issue informally with the accused.  This can be in the form of a PM, or talking to them on the spot.
      1. If it can be settled at the lowest level, there is no need to report it.
    2. If it can not be settled at that stage and the victim chooses to report it, the PM shall be sent to the ranking officer who is first in line in your Chain of Command detailing what transpired AND appropriate screenshots as evidence.  If the infraction occurred in a voice channel, any witnesses, if applicable, shall be included in the complaint.


  1. The ranking officer receiving the complaint upon receipt will:
    1. When a ranking officer, regardless of chain of command, witnesses first-hand a blatant  violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy, the officer shall:
      1. Immediately document the incident, screenshots, etc.
      2. Expel the offender.  If the ranking officer is outside the offender’s chain of command, expel them from Discord and notify their respective Division Commander.
      3. A detailed report of the offense shall be sent to the Community Manager.
    2. Upon reviewing the evidence, and consulting with other leadership (if necessary/possible), a ranking officer has the authority to take appropriate actions towards the accused.
      1. In cases involving expulsion for anything other than a Zero Tolerance Policy violation, the Division Commander is required to be consulted for a final decision.
      2. The Joint Chiefs and The Board shall be informed of the decision.
    3. The person receiving the complaint has the option to escalate it to their Division Commander If they feel the need to do so.  Examples are, but not limited to:
      1. The offending player refuses to conform to the decision
      2. Multiple persons are accused
      3. The infraction could potentially damage the reputation of the whole CDS community.  These require the utmost urgency to be resolved immediately.
      4. A complaint is REQUIRED to be escalated directly to the Division leader when the infraction involves a member of the victim’s chain of command. Detailed more in Sect. C.
    4. acknowledge receiving the complaint,
    5. notify their Division Commander and Division Commander of the complaint
    6. launch their own investigation.


  1. Grievances Against Leadership
    1. In matters where a member of that person’s Chain of Command is the accused, complaints is required to be sent directly to that Division’s leader.  If the Division’s leader is the accused, the complaint is required be sent directly to the Board.
      1. Grievances shall be reviewed in the same manner as a complaint against any member.  Evidence and statements from witnesses are required.
      2. If the grievance is regarding a violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy,
        1. Immediately document the incident, screenshots, etc.
        2. Notify the Joint Chiefs directly
        3. The Joint Chiefs shall notify the Board, review evidence, and upon finding them in violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy, shall expel the ranking officer with the consent of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.  This is one of the few places where a Division Commander would be circumvented.


  1. False Accusations
    1. We understand that there will be times where a complaint will be not substantial enough to warrant action. Those cases are separate from this clause.
    2. In the event it is found that a member blatantly and deliberately over-exaggerated or blatantly and deliberately falsely accuses someone of an infraction:
      1. First Offense – Person shall be advised their accusations were found to be false and appropriate corrective counseling shall occur.
      2. Second Offense – administrative action shall be determined by the leadership body and Community Manager to include but not limited to: demotion to baseline rank for 30 days, suspended from Discord for three days, and in severe cases separation.
      3. Third Offense – Offender shall be separated from the community by direction of the Board and/or the Joint Chiefs
  2. Summary
    1. This is the established guidelines of enforcing the Code of Conduct.  We cannot emphasize enough that every attempt should be made at the lowest-level possible to resolve issues.
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