The Watchmen Alliance (TWA) was established with a clear objective: to ensure harmony and cooperation among allied corporations, organizations, and entities in the vast reaches of Star Citizen and EVE Online.

Our alliance is built upon a foundation of strong communication and the collaborative utilization of shared resources, all dedicated to safeguarding the security and well-being of our member systems across these incredible gaming universes. Together, we stand as vigilant guardians, committed to fostering a safe and prosperous environment for all.

By fostering unity, trust, and effective coordination, The Watchmen Alliance upholds its mission to protect and empower our members, while promoting a spirit of camaraderie and collective strength. Join us in our pursuit of a secure and thriving future in the stars of Star Citizen, the treacherous realms of EVE Online. Together, we are the watchmen who safeguard the galaxies.

Please contact the Alliance Appointed Representative

Star Citizen

In the boundless expanse of Star Citizen, The Watchmen Alliance stands as a beacon of unity. We invite organizations and pilots alike to join our alliance, pooling our resources and expertise to explore the cosmos, engage in intense space battles, and construct formidable structures that shape the future of this ever-evolving universe.

Eve Online

In the cutthroat universe of EVE Online, The Watchmen Alliance rises as a collective force to be reckoned with. Our alliance aims to forge strong diplomatic ties, engage in large-scale conflicts, and establish a dominating presence within this intricate sandbox. Together, we shall navigate the treacherous political landscape and make our mark on the starry canvas of New Eden.

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