Welcome to the Security Clearance and Subpaths page of Citadel Defense Services (CDS). In our commitment to ensuring a structured and secure environment, we have implemented a comprehensive security clearance system that offers various subpaths for our members to choose from. This system not only helps us maintain the integrity of our organization but also empowers our members to excel in their chosen roles within CDS.

Our security clearance levels are designed to progressively provide access to more sensitive information and specialized responsibilities, allowing members to grow and contribute to our organization in meaningful ways. Each security clearance level is associated with specific subpaths that provide a clear direction for professional development and engagement.

As you navigate through this page, you will find a detailed overview of each security clearance level along with the subpaths available within them. Whether you are interested in combat, logistics, intelligence, or leadership, there’s a subpath tailored to your skills and interests.

At CDS, we believe in the power of a united and informed community. Our security clearance system ensures that members are engaged in roles that align with their abilities and aspirations, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone’s contribution matters. Whether you are a new recruit or a seasoned commander, this system enables you to progress and make a real impact within our organization.

Explore the following sections to understand the intricacies of each security clearance level and the diverse subpaths they offer. We encourage you to choose the path that resonates with you and embark on a journey of growth, camaraderie, and excellence within Citadel Defense Services.

Security Clearance Level 0 – Public Access

  • No subpaths at this level.

Security Clearance Level 1 – Visitor

  • No subpaths at this level.

Security Clearance Level 2 – Recruit

  • Combat Training
  • Logistics Orientation
  • Intelligence Introduction

Security Clearance Level 3 – Trainee

  • Combat Specialization
  • Logistics Specialization
  • Intelligence Specialization

Security Clearance Level 4 – Private

  • Combat Squads
  • Logistics Support
  • Intelligence Analysis

Security Clearance Level 5 – Corporal

  • Combat Teams
  • Logistics Coordination
  • Intelligence Field Operations

Security Clearance Level 6 – Sergeant

  • Advanced Combat Tactics
  • Logistics Management
  • Covert Intelligence Operations

Security Clearance Level 7 – Lieutenant

  • Special Operations
  • Logistics Deployment Planning
  • Strategic Intelligence Assessment

Security Clearance Level 8 – Captain

  • Commando Operations
  • Logistics Supply Chain Management
  • Espionage and Counterintelligence

Security Clearance Level 9 – Major

  • Division Leadership
  • Logistics Division Management
  • Advanced Intelligence Strategy

Security Clearance Level 10 – Colonel

  • Battalion Command
  • Logistics Division Operations
  • Classified Intelligence Coordination

Security Clearance Level 11 – General

  • High Command Strategy
  • Alliance Diplomacy
  • Alliance Intelligence

Security Clearance Level 12 – Supreme Commander

  • Organization-wide Leadership
  • Strategic Resource Allocation
  • Alliance Council Participation

Security Clearance Level 13 – Director

  • Executive Decision Making
  • Division and Resource Management
  • Alliance Leadership Engagement

Security Clearance Level 14 – Council Member

  • Organizational Governance
  • High-Level Strategic Planning
  • Alliance Council Decision Making

Security Clearance Level 15 – High Council

  • Critical Strategic Decision Making
  • Organizational Vision and Direction
  • Alliance-Wide Policy Formulation

Security Clearance Level 16 – Chancellor

  • Top-Level Leadership Direction
  • Ultimate Decision Making
  • Alliance and Organization Oversight
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