Article I: Purpose and Goals

1.1 The purpose of Citadel Defense Services (CDS) is to establish a collective of skilled individuals dedicated to fostering security, protection, and strategic planning within various virtual gaming environments.

1.2 CDS aims to build a robust community of players who value teamwork, leadership, and innovation, and who are committed to creating an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience for all members.

Article II: Organization Structure

2.1 CDS shall be led by an elected Chancellor, who will oversee the overall direction and decisions of the organization, ensuring its adherence to the core values and objectives.

2.2 Divisions and sub-divisions shall be established, each with a designated Commander responsible for organizing and leading their respective members.

Article III: Membership

3.1 CDS membership is open to individuals who share the organization’s values and principles, regardless of their in-game experience or skill level.

3.2 All members are expected to uphold the Code of Conduct, promoting respect, collaboration, and professionalism within the community.

Article IV: Divisions and Specializations

4.1 CDS shall encompass various Divisions, each specializing in different aspects of gaming, such as combat, logistics, intelligence, and exploration.

4.2 Members are encouraged to choose Divisions based on their preferences and skills, contributing to the overall strength and effectiveness of CDS.

Article V: Code of Conduct

5.1 CDS members shall treat each other with respect and maintain a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the organization.

5.2 Unacceptable behavior, including harassment, discrimination, and toxicity (Enjoy yourself, yet stay mindful not to offend or disrespect anyone), will not be tolerated, and individuals engaging in such behavior may face disciplinary action.

Article VI: Leadership and Decision-Making

6.1 The Chancellor and Division Commanders shall lead by example, upholding the values of CDS and guiding their respective members.

6.2 Major decisions affecting the organization’s direction and policies shall be made through consultation with Division Commanders and, if necessary, through a community-wide vote.

Article VII: Collaboration and Alliances

7.1 CDS may establish partnerships and alliances with other gaming organizations, fostering cooperation and mutual growth.

7.2 Alliances shall be based on shared values and objectives, contributing positively to the overall gaming community. The Watchman Alliance shall be recognized as a close ally and partner in our pursuits.

Article VIII: Amendments and Modifications

8.1 This Charter may be amended or modified through a community-wide vote, with a two-thirds majority required for approval.

8.2 Proposed changes shall be thoroughly discussed within the community before a vote is conducted.

Article IX: Ratification

9.1 This Charter shall be ratified upon approval by the community and shall serve as the guiding document for Citadel Defense Services.

Ratified this 12th day of August, 2023.


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